Six Poems

Hutley Wharf

  • buy £400k (or more) flat
  • 50 sqm (or less)
  • (nice though)
  • buy £200k (or so) share
  • rent the rest
  • 300/month (or so)
  • (each)
  • borrow £10 (or 20)
  • from family
  • (per family)
  • the rest from bank
  • unfortunately
  • £60k gross income/year
  • requirement
  • (aouch)
  • therefore
  • buy (£200k (or so)) share
  • second-hand



  • cafe: ready
  • beer: Kernel
  • outside: kids
  • kids: playing shouting
  • kids: endearing twats
  • age: 15?, 16?, maybe 13?, kids
  • cafe: D.H. performing
  • cafe: audience involved
  • audience: gestures, soundless, beer
  • D.H.: entertaining twat
  • bicycles: whizzing
  • kids: fighting shouting
  • kid: stabbed
  • cafe: stop
  • man: rushing out, removing t-shirt
  • t-shirt: clogging up wound
  • bicycles: gone
  • police: there fast
  • police: long before ambulance
  • outside: street cordoned off
  • cafe: cancelled
  • lady: it’s happening more and more
  • kids: gone
  • age: 15?, 16?, maybe 13?, kids
  • lady: annoying twat
  • bus: 67, 243 or 149
  • miscellany: buy dumplings, pay rent


Wealth Watchers

That dream world where the wealthy are the trashy, the obese. An excess in wealth is an excess in fat. The remnants of the underclass keep stashing as much as they can on savings accounts. They are free to do that, but it is frowned upon. A new middle is never poor and never saves more than they need. Not that they are better, less greedy, less stingy, less petty or mean as here, as now. All these traits simply migrated from money to other fields. Is your life cooler, more balanced, more active. New distinctions appeared. That is all understandable: since no one is poor any more, money has lost quite a bit of its aura. The fetish left it and found new victims. Odd new phenomena are being observed: many are too rich, don’t know what to do with their cash. They overspend, they squander, and still have too much. They fail at finding proper investments, their accounts are full despite their best efforts. Consumption can’t keep up. They go to bed sensing their dreams already tinted with shame. They are still fat, despite their best efforts. A new discipline has arisen. Craft the perfect life. Most active, most creative. Away from greed, from hoarding. Restraint is good again because excess is rampant. For the first time in history quantity has been sorted. Balance is the new hurdle.



  • writer’s cove
  • writer’s: writhing, wriggling
  • wrath
  • cove: close, cloister, clutch
  • clit, crotch
  • clout
  • clot


from faces
to faeces

  • the old ones &
  • their old works
  • getting to you,
  • stuffing you
  • then in return
  • you in turn
  • will get to,
  • will stuff



  • shit don’t
  • kill thyself

  • spissid astriction
  • aestive costiveness

  • excreation ex nihilo

  • coprorate lifestyle

  • caco ergo sum


(‘- l’ai assise sur mes genoux’)

(‘- l’ai trouvée chieuse’)

  • SelbstSHITTINGverwirklichung

(- infinite digestion)


  • excremental progress

  • when in doubt
  • shit it out