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Born in Lausanne, Switzerland, 1983. Humanities studies in home town. Moved to the UK for a PhD, 2011. Dropped out, moved to London, 2013. Writing. MA in Computational Arts, Goldsmiths, 2017-2018. Writing and programming.

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Jérémie C. Wenger is a writer from Switzerland, based in London. His practice seeks to find a path away from sterile self-reference, inner conflicts and the intricacies of exile, while attempting to forge a personal style and a renewed interplay between systematic thought and intuition. Apart from languages and literatures, both classical and modern, with a particular focus on modernism, his interests lie in philosophy, music, and, more recently, (geo)politics and economics, albeit reluctantly so. The discovery of programming and artificial intelligence in 2017-2018, and the integration of those techniques into his writing practice is an important turn in his trajectory, which sheds a retrospective light on a long-standing interest in the dialectics between constraint and freedom in literary and artistic forms, especially in the novels and poetry of the twentieth-century avant-gardes, as well as in experimental musical composition.

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